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Updated: Feb 24

Starting a small business is daunting and lonely all at the same time, if you don't come from a business background finding the skills to help you launch your business brings its own challenges. When I started working for myself in 2011 (thankfully) I already had a skill set in business marketing and sales, the challenge for me was entering into the digital age with little to no support, education or resources. We were all embracing this new era and fumbling our way through. The digital world was just starting to grow in 2011 and businesses were starting to catch on to the benefit of having a strong digital presence online and the direct result of growing your digital footprint not only meant an increase in brand awareness but also in revenue if executed and maximised to its potential.

Small business owners wear many hats and it is even harder when you have limited resources in the early stages. You have to become professional and knowledgeable across social media and digital marketing unless of course you have a team behind you, or if you are savvy, you will seek out someone who has been there and got the t shirt to share their wisdom and knowledge and help you get on your way to growing your business.

I am giving all solopreneurs and small businesses a few tips to the key areas you need to focus on in order to get your business off the ground and secure your own digital real estate. If you've decided to take the plunge and you've come this far you have what it takes to succeed.

If you follow these steps you will be well on your way to building your business and growing your brand.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you own the '' and the '.com' of your chosen business name. Do your research on Companies House register to see if there are any other businesses already registered with that name. Check across all social media channels to ensure the social handle is available for your business name. Get Googling and check to see if there is any use of the name in any context you would not like your potential new business name to be associated with. This is key to maintaining your brand integrity from the start, it is easier to change at this stage rather than after you have secured your domain name and built a website. This is a huge cost saving exercise, it is easy to get over excited and try and run before you can walk. Trust me, it is worth carrying out your due diligence.

Once you have cross checked all of the above, get your domain names secured and all of your social media handles. This saves you time later down the line while you start the process of formulating your business, brand and messaging. It also gives you some peace of mind knowing you do not have to rush the all important process of planning out your business strategy and plans for implementation.

Please read my next blog where I will take you through the next few steps in small bite size chunks.

Love Tricia x

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